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We partner with employers to find the best fit for both employer and young person. Our intention is to help youth realise their dreams and goals. With that realisation, ensuring the best fit for them is key.

Though, that is our priority, it’s still crucial to provide them access to resources to learn the best skills to become the best person they can be. With that under their belt, it naturally benefits everyone around them including their current and future employers as well as their peers and people they influence.

Frequently Asked Questions
How do we get funded?

We work in partnership with Government and have outcomes based contracts. We have also received philanthropic funding and support from Digital Wings and David Ellison Charitable Trust. We are regularly looking for more philanthropic funding.

We also show your support on our Give A Little page.

How does it work?

We provide work-readiness, resources, tools, training, work exposure and pastoral support to young people. At the same time we also provide activities and services to employers (You) in the region, creating wrap-around pastoral care and pathways to transition you into sustainable employment or self-employment. Below is a list of some of our Employer based services:

  • Workforce Planning
  • LIFT Internship programme
  • Labour hire coordination
  • Employer engagement
  • Placement
  • Post-placement support
How are you different to anyone else?

As a social enterprise, LIFT has a business-focus and services which have been designed by local rangatahi. We are different to other service providers because young people aren’t required to come to LIFT to meet their obligations, they choose to come into LIFT.

LIFT is delivered by a youthful and experienced team, who offer a unique relatability and can build relationships and rapport others cannot. We reach young people and whanau using non-traditional approaches, which has resulted in engagement with numbers of unemployed young people far exceeding expectations.

Will they pass a drug test?

If this is a requirement for you we will make sure we only put in front of you work-ready young people who can and will pass a drug test.

Do they have a licence?

If a licence is a core requirement for the job and effects a candidate’s ability to fulfill their duties than we will only put forward candidates with a licence.

What support will I get?
We provide post placement support for 18 months after employment placement. Both you and the young person can call, text or email us about any employment issues during this time. We will respond and support as best we can.  We genuinely want this to work for both you and the young person so you can trust we will follow through on this.

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