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01. Donate

If you ask yourself,

“What can I do to make a difference?”

Because you believe that rangatahi (youth) can be the changemakers of the future…

Tap this so you can be a part of that change to help young people thrive and create a greate future.

Show Up

02. Driving Mentors

You too can make a difference by supporting young people to drive safely and legally.

This helps them on their employment journey and also makes our roads safer.

A simple hour of your time is an hour on the road they wouldn’t have otherwise get.

Info on Becoming a Driving Mentor


LIFT has been supporting young people to obtain Drivers Licences since November 2017.


We do this because we know how important it is to have your licence when you are looking for work.


Aside from the financial component, many of our rangatahi don’t have access to a road worthy vehicle and/or a fully licenced driver (held for 2+ years) willing and capable to teach them to drive.

We support them through professional driving lessons but to properly benefit and progress from this they need to be regularly practicing in between.

The difference this would make to our rangatahi and their drivers licencing journey is incredible.

A simple hour of your time is an hour on the road they wouldn’t otherwise.

This puts them one step to becoming legal and safe drivers on our roads. This helps them on their employment journey and also makes our roads safer.

So we are always looking for driving mentors who can drive with our Rangatahi.

How We Can Help You

We will provide a car and fully brief you instructions, factors to check and test routes.

Requirements: Must hold Full NZ Drivers Licence for 2+ years

How You Can Sign Up

If you are interested in this we would love to hear from you! Contact Sarah on 021 919 769 or

Give Back

03. Drop Off Clothes

You may know that first impressions in a job interview can be the first step to a great future.

Dressing for success can give someone the confidence to take that first step forward to a life they want.

If you have any clothes please stop by any time and drop them off.

Show Up

04. Bake and Cook

You know that a full tummy can help you focus on doing what you need to do.

Here at LIFT we like to contribute to the whole well being of each rangatahi including stocking our pantry.

If you love baking and cooking and/or have some goods you’d like to share, please drop it off. 

Full bellies will help these young people work towards bettering themselves.

Speak Up

05. Spread the Word

If helping youth thrive makes you feel fuzzy inside or you just simply want to share the love, let people know we’re here.

We believe deeply in what we’re doing and stand behind our vision of 100% youth employment in Hawkes Bay.

What can we all create together?

Spread the word about what LIFT is all about.

Share a bit of you

06. Volunteer

Do you have other skills you think could benefit our Rangatahi?

If you have an idea of how you might want to volunteer in this way let us know. 🙂

Upcoming Events


Bounce Training Centre
Dickens Street
29 October, 9am